Level 1 Edit

$0.29 ea

  • White balance (temperature, tint)
  • Tone (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks)
  • Presence (clarity, vibrance, saturation) and basic black and white conversion

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Level 2 Edit

$0.49 ea

Everything included in Level 1
plus the following:

  • Cropping
  • Tone Curve Adjustments
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • Luminance
  • Sharpening & Noise Control
  • Lens Corrections
  • Application Of Presets

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Creative Edit

starting at $2.99 ea

Everything included in Level 1
and 2 plus the following:

  • Dodge & Burn
  • Basic Facial Retouching
  • Redness Removal
  • Basic Liquify
  • Hair Smoothing
  • Eye & Teeth Whitening
  • Environmental Edits

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Custom Edit


Custom edits in Photoshop following your provided list of edits.

Each adjustment is made on an as needed basis.

Not every adjustment will be made to every image.

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Other Services

Culling $.05
Key wording $.01
Renaming $.01
Exporting $.01
Proofing service upload $10 per job


portrait 3 business days
wedding/event 7 business days

Additional Services

Matching digital raw and film scan file color
Blog image selection and upload
Image composites
Album design
Whatever else you can dream up!

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Who We Are

We know why you got into photography, and it has nothing to do with Photoshop actions and image adjustments. You’re a photographer because you love the thrill of capturing and sharing a beautiful image. Being a photographer is all about showing the world what you see from the inside out and the outside in. Your images are the windows into that world and your way of seeing things.

We are your window washer.

Level Lab was created by people who love great photography that comes without imperfections like bad color, distracting elements and skewed composition. We’re geeks who understand what it takes to make a great image even better by removing elements that distract the viewer from seeing your image as you intended it to be. All of our edits start with solid color correction and image toning. From there we proceed to layer on your preferences so that your images match your portfolio and not some predetermined “look.”

Every new client meets with an artist who will help you describe your style and preferences. We keep an ever-evolving profile on hand that is reviewed before each editing job to ensure your style is consistent with the images you have produced in the past. You will be assigned a dedicated artist who will work with you to make sure your vision is always our first priority. You are always in charge, and it’s your art direction that guides us in the finishing of your images.

We would love to work with you to make something beautiful.

If you would like to start the process, please send us ten images so we can show you the variety of things we can do to make your images shine. If you like what you see, we’ll follow up with a meeting to set up your style profile!

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